Binding Support Payments to a Payor’s Estate: Blacklock v Tkacz, 2021 ONCA 630

Short and sweet, but still a good one for your #precedent bank – Blacklock v Tkacz, 2021 ONCA 630.

The #appellant mother sought retroactive #childsupport against the #deceased father’s estate. Though a #Divorce#Judgment was granted, directing the #father to pay section 3 child support of $20 per week for the parties 2 #children, the Judgment did not specify that those payments would be binding on the father’s #estate .

The #Court dismissed the mother’s appeal, relying upon Katz v Katz, 2014 ONCA 606 and section 17 of the Divorce Act, explaining that “…an application cannot be brought to vary a claim or vary a support order against a deceased’s estate if the original order is silent on whether that order binds the estate” (para 4).

The morale of the decision is that all #agreements should say that any support #arrears are #binding on the payors estate.

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