Significant Solicitor-Client Costs Award in Family Law Litigation

The recent case, JWS v CJS, 2021 ABQB 411, was specific to the issue of costs, which were reserved after the 19-day Trial concluded in 2016. The Father’s behavior, described as a “scorched earth” approach to the litigation, caused irreparable harm and financial disparity for the Mother and their 5 children. The Father’s behavior was described as egregious, with multiple examples where he was found to have manipulated and coerced the children. Justice Kenny remarked at paragraph 47 that “if ever there was a custody case in which it is proper and necessary to award solicitor-client costs, this is it” and directed the Father to pay $424,000.00 to the Mother for solicitor-client costs.

For those interested, check out the full case on CanLii here:

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